Shipping & Returns

Shipping cost overview


- Production in Germany
- NO delivery to ISLANDS
- NO delivery to PO boxes, packing stations or similar.
- Goods leaving normally in 3 to 6 days:
- Counted in working days. Except Saturdays.
- Carrier lead time on top

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Order with picking boxes (accessories) only: 348,69 kr

Base price

Order until Shipping price
1.182,53 kr 348,69 kr
2.956,50 kr 435,87 kr
11.826,37 kr 560,40 kr
More than 11.826,48 kr Ex Works

Additional charges

Condition Price
Length > 1150 mm + 49,81 kr
Packing charge (Your order includes anything but Accessoiries) + 37,36 kr

Multiple packages charges

Every 20.00 kg:
- Packing charge
- Overlength
will be applied again

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Example calculation

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- a total of: kr
- a weight of: kg
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My order includes only picking boxes (accessories)