Motedis in Covid-19 crisis

Motedis & Covid at the end of August 2020

Like everyone else, we had to cope with a number of changes in the context of the Covid crisis.

In our case, as with most online shops, these were mainly symptoms of overload and disruptions in the supply chain. That is largely over today, we apologize for the problems that have arisen ....

In order to protect our regular customers, especially B2B customers who are dependent on us, we had to massively restrict a number of activities. These restrictions are now being lifted step by step.

Supporting small start-up companies dependent on us as far as possible was a matter close to our hearts. New customers B2B and our C2M / B2C activities had to lag behind for a while.

If further problems with Covid remain within the framework, we will be able to use a number of ongoing investments (new employees and space) for future and new projects.

We will then inform you individually and in detail soon ...

Stay healthy and hang on.